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San Francisco, May 2014.

Ughh I want to live here so badly:(
"You are so utterly empty, I sometimes don’t even know how to touch you without risking to be the one who finally broke you."
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"I am my own universe and if I wanted to I could make you lose yourself in the constellations of my stars. When will you understand? I do not need a sun to all the galaxies inside myself.
I could burn your skin with nothing but my lips. I do not need to be a forest fire to catch someone’s interest. Forgotten candles destroy landscapes just the same.
I do not need to be the ocean to make you drown inside myself. I do not need another moon to pull my tides, I am alive just by myself. I do not need to be thunderstorms for someone to hear me.
I do not need salvation. If I wanted to, I were my own."
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"I might have loved you for all the wrong reasons; like the way you chose to love me.
I did love you for the melting gazes you gave me and for the way your hand searched out for mine in total darkness. And I did fall in love with the way you wanted me, even more needed me, with you at all costs.
I’m just afraid I never really loved you for the smile I gave you, but for the way I was the only one to give it to you."
s.k. (via fleurlilly)

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love you babe ❤❤❤